About Me

I started photography at age 15 when my Dad gave me a Kodak Retina IA in vain hopes I would keep out of trouble. After some ineffective playing around, I took a photography class in high school. This was in the days of film. My instructor was a real treasure who taught us the basics of shooting, developing and learning to see. He even taught us the Ansel Adams Zone system, which was pretty advanced for a bunch of teenagers who were just trying to avoid Physical Ed class.

A career in high tech put photography on the sideline for many years. After retirement, and the discovery of digital photography, new avenues and new challenges have arrived.  The techniques have changed, but the basic eye of the photographer remains the same. I just wish I had one.

Here are some samples of my efforts to revive faded skills. I hope you enjoy a few, and feel free to comment or email me.